6. Publication process

Publish the draft

  1. When you’re finished with your post, click Publish.
  2. From the checkout process, you can
    1. add tags
    2. add a featured image that is used for the article teaser in the feed as well as for previews in social sharing,
    3. optionally add co-authors,
    4. and in the final step, optionally assign the post to a space or schedule to publish your post later.
  3. When you’re done making changes, click Submit for review to make the post available for review.
  4. A moderator gets a notification that a new post is pending review. Once your post is approved, you get a notification that it is live and you post is visible on Ingenuity and available for anyone to read. All of your published posts can be found on your public profile page.

What happens when you publish your story?

When you publish a public story on Ingenuity:

  • Your post will be displayed on your public profile page, and will be available for anyone to read.
  • Your post will be discoverable by search engines such as Google, and by Ingenuity’s own search feature.
  • Your post will be displayed on the home feed of our readers.
  • Users who follow you or a topic you tagged the article with, will receive a notification about a new post they might be interested in.
  • If you added tags or a space to your post, it will be displayed on this tag page.
  • Your post will be eligible for featuring by Ingenuity’s editorial team.