5. Podcast

The podcast post allows to easily integrate new episodes that are published on the official Siemens podcast platform Acast. The podcast player in this template is a dedicated Acast player and does not support other podcast hosting platforms.

The podcast template is currently only available for external posts. We are working on embedding the internal podcast platform.

What do I need?

Very simple: you need the link to podcast episode you want to embed and a headline.

How does the podcast look like?

You can find an exemplary podcast here: https://ingenuity.siemens.com/2020/06/human-ai-mind-machines-the-gradient-descent-henning-ochsenfeld-cheers-to-data-science/

Create a podcast

  1. Click on the burger menu.
  2. Click Create Content.
  3. Select an audience and click Next step.
  4. Select the template Podcast and click Use this template.
  5. Select a topic and click Create post to start writing.

Add the headline & description

  1. Enter the headline.
  2. Optionally, you can use the text block to add a descriptive text for your episode.

Embed the episode

  1. Open the podcast episode you want to embed, e.g. https://shows.acast.com/human-ai/episodes/henning-ochsenfeld-data-science-but-fun
  2. Click on “</>” to find the sharing links.
  3. Copy the link named “Embed in Medium, LinkedIn, and any embedly compatible site.”, e.g. https://player.acast.com/human-ai/episodes/henning-ochsenfeld-data-science-but-fun
  4. Enter this link into the Acast block in the Writer’s Tool template.
  5. Click Preview to see how the player looks after publication.

Publication process

Follow the checkout process. You can find more information here.