1. Interacting with posts

Ingenuity is all about the conversations and interactions with the whole community. Therefore, we wanted to make it as easy is possible for you to participate and share your opinions and thoughts.

What you can do without an account

Voting in a poll

  1. Select your answer
  2. Click on submit vote
  3. Now you see, how the other members of the Ingenuity community have voted

Liking a post

  1. Read the post and enjoy
  2. Click on the Like-Button

Liking a comment

  1. Read the comments
  2. If you agree, click on the Like-Button of the comment

What you can do with an account

Commenting on a post

  1. Click on the comment icon or scroll to the bottom to reach the comment section
  2. Click into the comment field, type in your comment and click on the arrow to post it