14 July 2020

Transforming classroom learning into real world applications: The University of Toledo

Great learning resources shared from the University of Toledo Engineering/Engineering Technology Program

Projects, Videos, and more for use in education

Rapid advancements in technology are making it more difficult for universities to keep up with the technology to train students. The constant change puts a burden on budgets as well as personnel in the university system. It is extremely advantageous and important for technology companies to partner with academia to help with these challenges.

Manufacturing has historically been a vital part of Ohio’s economy and as the manufacturing resurgence began the state became an epicenter. With this said, the University of Toledo located in Toledo, Ohio saw the importance of implementing real world training into their curriculum. Members of the staff visited companies within their state and realized companies were adopting Siemens technologies.

Dr. William Ted Evans, a professor in the College of Engineering, found it beneficial to partner with Siemens through Siemens Cooperates with Education (SCE). Through SCE, Dr. Evans completed many courses utilizing PLC and HMI technologies to implement in the classroom creating real-world experiences for his students.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Dr. Evans, “Stories from students getting more job offers, better offers and challenging jobs is where it is at.”  Dr. Evans readily shares his projects, curriculum, and even added videos to his home page for others to use: http://www.eng.utoledo.edu/~wevans/

To learn more about SCE and the University of Toledo: https://assets.new.siemens.com/siemens/assets/api/uuid:ae1e2816-0aea-4906-aa27-0c105801425e/version:1537525700/df-fa-sce-case-study-en-lo-res.pdf

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