10 July 2020

Human & AI – Mind, Machines & the Gradient Descent | Mareike Kritzler – Hand-in-hand with your Digital Companion

Today’s genius mind is Mareike Kritzler. She is Head of the Smart Machine Vision and Visualization Research Group in Berkeley, California* and studied Geoinformatics in Germany. Mareike is comfortable in both research- as well as a release-driven development environment. Tune in to this episode to find out more about why Virtual Reality is still a thing, why AI is both an opportunity and a challenge, what makes the AI ecosystem in the US so unique, and how Augmented Reality can help you in finding the right furniture. 

*The interview was conducted in April 2020 shortly after the coronavirus outbreak started and she was Head of the Artificial and Human Intelligence Research Group in Berkeley, California. We apologize for the partly bad audio quality and have tried all our skills to make it sound less metal.

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