31 July 2020

An online learning library to educate instructors and students

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With the recent global pandemic, online learning has shown to be more important than ever. Grade schools suddenly shut down and universities left for spring break and were not able to return to classes. All education institutions closed. Immediately educators had to determine how to continue to educate students during this unprecedented event.

Thankfully, technology now allows students the opportunity to continue their education through online learning. And while online learning is a huge adjustment from the usual in person instruction most students are used to, these online learning platforms have shown to be beneficial when in-person instruction is not a viable option.

Siemens Cooperates with Education (SCE) continues to help educators and wants to provide them with the content they need to provide the best curriculum to their students. SCE provides online learning tools and software downloads for educators in the field of automation and drive technology. Instructors can download over 100 learning and training documents free of charge. These documents are meant to complement instructors’ curricula and syllabus and provides content for projects to implement simulated real-world manufacturing applications.

As teachers make adjustment to the way they teach and students to the way they learn, it is so important that the right tools are provided to make both successful.

Visit SCE’s website to access the online learning library:

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