22 June 2020

What relevancy will mindfulness have in an AI-driven world?

AI & Mindfulness Meetup 2020

We explored this and more questions around the interplay of AI & Mindfulness in our meetup at a very mindful Mindspace. An enlightening and exciting evening offline, bringing together AI and psychology. A big shout-out to Philipp Heiler (brainboost) for sharing his perspectives and scientific views on this topic. Thanks to everyone for commiting yourselves, participating openmindly and sharing bold ideas.

Most inspiring insights:

  • Role models are essential to enable a broad embrace of mindfulness
  • We can use mindfulness to leverage our full potential and proceed to a new way of working
  • We need to find the right KPIs to quantify the impact of mindfulness practice
  • Steps can be small and have a very personal touch
  • We can make monks fly with our minds power – thanks Philipp for showing us! 😉

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