15 June 2020

New digital solutions for radical improvements

You are Invited to Digitalize

In July, Siemens employees can join a series of 30 minutes talks during a three-day virtual event, which will showcase all the digital solutions that exist in Siemens. These solutions will allow any colleague to improve their processes and tasks.

Digitalization is a recurring keyword in our environment for years now. Isn’t it curious that we’ve been hearing about “how fast digitalization will happen” and now we are realizing that even the most optimistic guesses have underestimated how much dependent on technology we are.

A poll on LinkedIn was asking who is driving digitalization in companies – is it the CEO, the CIO (Chief Innovation Officer), or the C19 (Covid-19). If you think it’s the C19… you’re completely right.

Companies are adapting and at Siemens we are well-prepared. Yes, we are a digital company in many ways and there are reasons to be proud, that’s for sure, but our company is also huge, with a lot of complexities in many areas, so there are pain points and challenges to solve. Thousands of colleagues in all regions and areas are helping our company to leverage all the digital potentialities.  

With that in mind, colleagues from the Team Engagement are hosting a three-day event (6-8 July) that will showcase all the digital solutions that anyone in Siemens can use. We will be talking about Digital Process Management solutions and creating new applications – customized to your needs and supported by different backend solutions; we will be talking about how to add artificial intelligence or machine learning to your reports to make them faster and smarter, and with less effort from your side.

Topics that will be explored also include: being able to manage projects with platforms like ServiceNow or UniquePath, understanding cybersecurity solutions, the choices between MyID or SiemensID, finding new ways to innovate in the financial sphere, whether to digitalize finance topics or to include Revenue in Predictive Accounting.

If you have come this way and tried to implement new digital solutions to the ones that exist in our environment, you may want to consider talks like certifications for digital solutions, or the testing teams that can help you to assure everything works like it should.

You know that monthly thing you need to do, that always drives you crazy? Maybe you can automate it. Or that other tasks that you need to do recurrently and is always a pain, due to the same expected issues? You could probably change it and never have to deal with that same issues again.

You can see the complete agenda for the event here, and you can register to the different sessions from here or from here.

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