10 June 2020

How Do We Validate Machine Behavior?

Digitalization helps machine builders meet manufacturers’ essential requirements

Machine builders must meet many requirements when manufacturing a machine. This raises questions during the design and manufacturing of the machine. Will the machine operate properly? How do we validate the behavior of the machine? How can we control unplanned costs? Digitalization helps machine builders answer these questions as the whole process from design to production to maintenance can be virtualized.

From production planning to machine service, digitalization can provide a number of benefits to machine builders and their customers. In production planning, a persuasive virtual proposal can be delivered to demonstrate how the machine will perform. The design concept is essentially brought to life virtually. When it comes to machine engineering, traditionally automation engineers had to wait until the machine was built to test code. With the digital twin, the engineers can have it done before the machine is built which helps accelerate development.

Virtual modules can be created and simulated to determine the real behavior of the machine. Machine commissioning becomes less painful and time consuming with virtual commissioning. The automation concepts are tested early in the virtual environment before moving to the next step, machine operation. Utilizing automation technology like Siemens with one engineering framework during machine operation provides easy and consistent data handling.

Machine service is essential to help reduce risks and costs.  Information from the machine should be connected to cloud analytic software which can harness and analyze data to provide useful information to ensure machines are operating properly as well as help with future decisions.

When digitalization is implemented across the entire manufacturing process, from production planning to machine service, users will experience more benefits, such as increased quality and flexibility and decreased time to market and costs, than from traditional methods.

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