27 June 2020

Berlin in the Atlas of Digitalization: From “Capital of Cool” to “Digital Capital”

Berlin. The German Capital. My city. Beloved by free spirits, artists and creatives from all over the world. Poor but sexy – is what it used to be – but Berlin has grown. Not just in terms of space, today, the city is more than a much-loved hot spot for wild young things, where the party never ends and everybody’s invited. 

Berlin 2020 has become a dynamic melting pot of the digital transformation, attracting the brightest minds and the most innovative startups. You can spot them everywhere – at universities and incubation centers, Venture Capital and Artificial Intelligence companies, digital labs and think tanks.

Berlin is one of the ten most important business incubators in the world.  One third of all German startups are based here. And another 500 new startups join them every year – most of them in the high-tech sector. 

That is why it was absolutely logical for Siemens to decide to invest over 600 million euros in building new work and living environments in the historic Siemensstadt industrial district. Just as logical: the recent inclusion of Berlin in the Atlas of Digitalization.

Measuring the State of Digitalization 

The Atlas of Digitalization compares the status of the digital transformation in nine major cities around the world. It shows the future drivers of digitalization in Berlin. And it highlights the topics the city needs to focus on if it’s going to maintain its ranking among the leading digital metropolises.

Yes, Berlin is well positioned today. But other cities are also well placed to compete for the brightest minds, the most innovative companies, and the most promising institutions. 

What surprises me is that the cities on the digital radar aren’t by any means limited to obvious candidates like London or Dubai. Johannesburg and Bengaluru are also developing with impressive speed and sustainability – more details here: https://atlas.dc.siemens.com/

Learn, Inspire, Grow in a family of Smart Cities

As cities compete for talent, ideas and technologies the Atlas of Digitalization aims to draw these individual contenders into a shared network where they can learn from one another, inspire one another, and continue to grow. 

As I browse the Atlas, I get the feeling that Berlin functions as a kind of middle sibling in the network – looking out for the smaller kids and taking cues from the older ones. And I am happy that Berlin is now listed in the Atlas. As we say in Berlin: “Ja, dit is meene Stadt” – yes, that is my town!

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