11 March 2020

The smarter way to travel

Wouldn’t it be good if you only paid for the time you spent in a hire car?

Well, now you can.

A new ‘pay-as-you-drive’ scheme launched at the Siemens UK Headquarters in Manchester this month, meaning that car hire is smarter than ever before.

A great addition to the site. I used it recently following some great tuition.

Robin Phillips, Siemens Finance Director DF & PD
The new hybrid Enterprise Car Club cars, at Siemens Manchester

There will be two hybrid Enterprise hire cars based permanently at Manchester Site, available for any Siemens employee to use when they’re at site. The only condition being that the car returns to the Didsbury site after use, ready for another employee to use it. 

First time using the app and car, great experience and about 50% cheaper than booking a car with local branch.

Gary Remnant, DI

The scheme initially trialed in 2019 at Siemens Lincoln, and after getting great feedback from employees as well as seeing significant cost savings, Siemens has decided to roll it out further, starting this March with the UK Head Office in Manchester. 

Enterprise Car Club at Siemens Manchester

One way to think of the Enterprise Car Club is like a pay as you go scheme – one that has many benefits. Employees can use the car from as little as one hour, and for up to 2 days. 

Not only does it cut out delivery and collection fees, it helps reduce carbon footprint (because for each hire car delivery, Enterprise staff have to drive another vehicle), and means the cars can be used by other employees later in the day; it’s a win-win all round.

In time, we’re also hoping to replace the hybrid cars with fully electric ones, further lowering our carbon footprint. The scheme will also be rolled out across other key Siemens sites across the UK.

This move to Enterprise Car Club is just one of many areas where the Supply Chain Management team of Siemens UK are looking to get more value out of our relationships with suppliers, in what we’re labelling ‘The Future of Procurement’. Whether it’s through getting smarter deals for our employees, using RPA (Robotics Process Automation) to digitize the supply chain, or having more sustainable partnerships with our suppliers.

In fact, on Siemens Earth Day on April 23rd, Siemens UK will host the first ever Sustainability Sofa session with some of our biggest suppliers – all to start discussions on how we can leverage the opportunities we all have to work towards a more sustainable future, together.

The future of procurement is already here.

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