16 March 2020

How I have made working from home suck less

By now you’re likely to have been in your home office for a bit. It’s harder than it looks, right? As a frequent work-from-homer I have a few tips for you to make it suck less.

Keep the routines

You can cut the commute, so you can sleep 30 – 60 minutes longer, but don’t get sucked into changing every single thing you do, just because you’re working from home. You’re already erasing so much of the routine that your body and brain crave. Routines help reduce stress and make our days seem more predictable. The less predictable things are, the more like you are to experience decision fatigue.

Pauses are sacred

Because your routines are already altered you will be prone to stop self-regulating as you’re used to. Be extra cautious around taking breaks for meals, coffee or just sitting on the couch for 5 minutes. Otherwise, you might find yourself realizing you haven’t had lunch at 14:00. Or that you worked all the way to 20:00 without your regular cues. Set a timer if you’re struggling to keep track without the usual triggers (like someone asking, you in the office, to go get a coffee or if you want to join them for lunch).

Be kind to yourself

There is a learning curve to everything – also working from home. I know! It should be plug and play right? It is not. You’re messing with some very basic structures in your life. Please be kind to yourself as you’re trying to get a grip on it. Be kind to yourself if these tips don’t work for you and you simply just have different difficulties like children at home from school or if the whole corona-situation is making you anxious. It’s all okay.

Be kind to others

Whether you’re struggling with the changes or not, be mindful that others might be. Ask if the people in your meetings are okay. Use an extra smiley in your emails, send an extra gif in your tweets. Remember that people working from home don’t see your smile behind the screen (unless you are able to use camera) so you need to make up for that.

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