10 November 2019

Driving innovation for Smart Logistics with our Solution Partner TAGnology

Logistics and production of manufacturing companies are facing new challenges: The world of today is characterized by vast opportunities for industry, driven by Digitalization. Goods can be manufactured with higher efficiency and at unprecedented speed. With a significant impact on production processes that need to become more flexible, available and efficient. 

Digitalization changes everything, resulting in an increasing demand for seamless and error-free logistic and intralogistic processes.
As one result, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) today requires far more than just detection of objects.

Customers are asking for robust and reliable identification solutions. Especially in intralogistics, tracking, tracing and even more important, data-processing, are key in many applications.

Siemens Simatic RF650R
RFID Reader

With Simatic RF, Siemens already offers intelligent systems for maximum transparency, improved performance and efficient planning.

Covering the requirements for tracking and tracing of objects in intralogistics as well as seamless material flows and error prevention, our Simatic RF600 readers provide all in one reliable tag recognition as well as convenient commissioning and maintenance.

Siemens Simatic RF650A

To help customers mastering their challenges of the digital transformation, collaboration with partners is crucial for Siemens to create and provide innovative, flexible and future proof solutions.

Good to know. But is there a concrete example for success?

Bundling competencies with our Siemens Solution partners was the enabler to develop a future-proof customer solution. With broad expertise for RFID solutions TAGnology is a trusted Siemens solution partner especially for intralogistics projects.

Driven by the passion for innovation and the Digital Enterprise, Siemens and TAGnology joined forces and – as a result – offer an innovative solution covering the complexity of industrial processes paired with high-volume tag readings in logistics. This joint offering providing an innovative interaction between hardware and software has demonstrated as a benchmark solution for our customers.

More about it in my interview with TAGnology founder and CEO Markus Schriebl:

Ruth Flosdorff: 
Mr. Schriebl, TAGnology is a very valuable Siemens Solution Partner since many years. How do you and your customers benefit from this partnership?

Markus Schriebl: 

Both companies have proven in the last 16 years that they deliver working solutions in real industrial projects. Seeking for the appropriate digital solutions in their individual industries, customers appreciate the competence of both Siemens and TAGnology. TAGnology’s customers can expect excellent services in consulting, delivery of hardware and software, stable functionality and support. Additionally, the collaboration with an experienced partner like Siemens is perceived as a clear sign of excellence.

Ruth Flosdorff: 
Customers expect technical competence for individual solutions and various applications. From your experience, what are the key customer requirements today? How does the pooling of competencies in a partnership support your technological development?

Markus Schriebl: 
Customers are asking for innovative turnkey solutions that unfold the benefits of RFID without any special RF knowledge. Based on the partnership we can rely on both best in class products as well as sharing expertise with Siemens as a reliable and trusted partner. In combination with the standardized systems of TAGnology, customers benefit from smart maintenance concepts supporting large scaled international roll out projects. In a nutshell: The whole exceeds the sum of its parts.

Ruth Flosdorff: 
One example of the successful partnership between TAGnology and Siemens is the RFID solution “Arrow Gate”. What was the idea behind?

RFID Solution Arrow Gate for Logistic Applications

Markus Schriebl: 
Customers require automated product identification, enabling increased transparency in intralogistics, easy interfacing to higher-level enterprise systems and secure flow of goods today. 

Technical RFID Gate configuration

Relying on their long-term collaboration, TAGnology and Siemens went the extra mile. With an impressive result: a dedicated RFID system exactly tailored to customer needs. The Arrow Gate is an easy-to-integrate RFID gate for reliable detection of RFID tags. The system implements the Siemens Simatic RF600 UHF RFID read/write devices and enables end-to-end track & trace projects along the entire value chain. Important prerequisite was the standardization as well as modularity to make the system adaptable to various industry specific conditions. All connections can be plugged at the exterior of the control panel, allowing easy replacement for servicing events and thus minimizing potential downtime.

Ruth Flosdorff: 
And how do customers perceive this offering?

Markus Schriebl: 
The customer feedback is excellent. We see that this product is the missing link for our customers to integrate RFID in almost every industrial process. They can save money by integrating the high quality industrial standard Arrow Gate system on their own – it is easy to install and to connect with existing IT landscapes. Additional modules, e.g. for direction detection, allow individual adaptation. 

Ruth Flosdorff: 
The Arrow Gate is not only a single solution, but an integral part of the digitalization of production and especially intralogistics processes. How does TAGnology support customers down their road of digitalization?

Markus Schriebl: 
It makes sense for every use case because the customer can rely on the specified technical RFID performance and is able to estimate the budget for projects including system integration, and with our plug&play maintenance concept also the annual costs after go-live. This is the new high-quality industrial standard for projects with high system availability requirements.

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