10 October 2019

#K-Show: Which are the hot topics in plastics industry 2019?

In October 2019, the world’s No. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber will open its doors for 3,200 international exhibitors. We are happy to interview Andreas Grüner, Vice President for Business Development Production Machines, Siemens AG.

Andreas, the #K-Show 2019 has its hot topics: Plastic Industry 4.0, plastics for sustainable development, system integration and young professionals – What is your hot topic for 2019?

Andreas Andreas

Siemens’ motto on this year’s K is: “Digital Enterprise – Thinking Plastics Industry further”. We show that we can support the journey of digital transformation with value and of course, lever our customers’ potential in machine building for Industrie 4.0.

Do you have one example?

Andreas Andreas

Of course. One success story I like to mention first is our new customer MAICO Presse S. p. A., an Italian injection molding machine maker. MAICO decided to choose Siemens as partner for automation and drives, not because of the classical portfolio elements PLC, drives and motors. The essential key point was, that Siemens can offer both: shop floor equipment and software suites supporting the digital transformation of the OEM. One showcase on our booth therefore will be the #DigitalTwin of an IMM, an injection molding machine with the take-out-unit engineered in a library building block of the TIA Portal.

Are there any more meanings in this 'big' claim?

Andreas Andreas

Yes, cloud connectivity: besides injection molding maker MAICO, many more makers of extrusion-, thermoforming- and blow molding machines will have a connection to #MindSphere on the #K-show. Have a look at our booth or visit the OEMs on the fair.

What else can visitors expect on Siemens’ booth?

Andreas Andreas

For example, Simulation Software, #VirtualCommissioning, Engineering Package for Temperature Control Package, and much more. A whole basket of value add, which supports the increase of productivity in machine making significantly. Let’s deep dive at K 2019 (hall 10, booth A40)! I’m really looking forward to great discussions with our customers and of course, those who have not chosen Siemens as their partner up to now.

Siemens Plastics for Machine Building since 2001 represented on the #K-Show fair. Contact the expert team via plastics.industry@siemens.com, contribute here on the blog or visit Siemens Booth A40 in Hall 10 on K 2019. More information also on https://sie.ag/2ICSpV8

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