10 October 2019

How does machine monitoring work … in the age of digitalization?

Cloud based applications such as SIMATIC MindSphere apps are available to provide extended insight into the status and performance of machines and systems. Uwe Krauter, Business Development Digitalization for Production Machines wants to tell us more…

Uwe, what data are we talking about here?

Uwe Uwe

Data such as performance, availability and notifications from MindSphere which are automatically generated when certain trigger conditions of the monitored data or thereof derived KPIs are met. The data can be used worldwide to support the production and maintenance of single machines or even entire productions lines.

How does machine monitoring basically work on cloud platforms?

Uwe Uwe

First, you’ve got to securely transmit to and store data onto the cloud. With MindSphere, our cloud based, open IoT operating system, the user obtains all the functionality to fulfill this task easily and efficiently.

The data on MindSphere then can be visualized and analyzed with specific applications. For this the machine manufacturer or plant operator can resort on standardized applications or create individual dashboards. Apps such as Performance Insight allow the user to calculate KPIs, and to visualize and monitor them in a configurable dashboard. Other apps like the Machine Monitor focus on the machine’s maintenance status and support the app-user to keep the machine in the best possible maintenance level. The app benefits the machine builder as well as the operator. On the one hand, the plant operators can optimally plan the service intervals into their daily business and, on the other hand, the machine manufacturer is optimally prepared for a service case because all data on the machine status can be analyzed in advance in MindSphere. Thanks to the platform, machine builders have a higher availability, for example.

How will the topic be presented at the #K-show 2019?

Uwe Uwe

With some of our customers we have started a lean co-creation process and generated individual dashboards for them. Some examples are: Wickert Maschinenbau GmbH, Thyson Extrusionstechnik GmbH, Gabler Thermoform GmbH & Co. KG, Irwin Research & Development Inc., MAICO Sap, and Kurtz GmbH. This can be experienced live at the Siemens booth. That’s your chance to experience the benefits of transparent operation based on the Siemens open IoT platform MindSphere!

Thanks Uwe!

Uwe Uwe

Thank you, Daniel!

Daniel Liebl, Marketing Manager Digitalization – Siemens @K-show 2019: Digitalization

Contact the expert team via plastics.industry@siemens.com, contribute here on the blog or visit Siemens Booth A40 in Hall 10 on K 2019. More information also on https://sie.ag/2ICSpV8

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