5 September 2019

Where does digitalization hold a role in the water/wastewater industry?

Digitalization is a word that you may hear all the time, but how can it play into your water and wastewater treatment process and systems? What benefits does it truly offer?

Within the world of “Digitalization,” there are digital twins, or a “virtual” replication of the “physical” system, process, etc. This virtual replication is a safe and economical place where you can make changes and see how they may impact your actual process. Digital twins in the water industry can address many environmental factors and regulatory changes that affect treatment plants daily.

On Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019, I’m going to address this concept and discuss how digital twins can be used efficiently and effectively within your water system or water and wastewater treatment plant.

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We will explore the three types of digital twin (product twin, production twin, and performance twin), and their application and impact on the water sector designs and operations. I will also be diving into how the digital twin establishes and  maintains resiliency for the water industry through the integration with information from designs, specifications, and field equipment and instrumentation.

Webinar: Applying Digital Twins – Product Twin, Production Twin and Performance Twin Deliver Benefits to the Water Sector      
Wednesday, Sept. 10th | 2 p.m. ET          
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For further interest in this subject, my colleagues, Jonas Norinder and Don Mack, have also delved into digitalization and what it can mean for process industries, and I plan to address the direct impact it has on instrumentation in my webinar. Want to check out their webinar? Click here!

How are you using digitalization in your water treatment plant?

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