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ESOS: An opportunity for energy excellence

In the blink of an eye the summer’s gone, and we’re heading quickly towards 5 December. Why is this date important? Because it’s the deadline for the second compliance period of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) phase 2.

Businesses need to take notice of this deadline if by 31st December 2019 they have 250 or more full-time employees OR an annual turnover in excess of 50 million euro AND an annual balance sheet in excess of 43 million euro.

If your business meets these criteria it needs to carry out an energy audit every four years or implement a certified Energy Management System.

It might sound scary, but it really needn’t be. In fact, it can present a great opportunity for your business.

ESOS is the UK interpretation of the EU-Energy Efficiency Directive (EU-EED) – a directive that mandates energy efficiency improvements within the European Union, with the overarching goal of promoting energy efficiency across all industries and their buildings, transport and industrial activities.

In simpler words: it’s designed to make businesses more energy efficient.

To ensure compliance it’s advised that businesses engage an experienced lead assessor, familiar with the compliance scenario to conduct and submit and energy audit.

Siemens can help with this. We support 900 enterprises – Europe-wide – on EU-EED and ESOS compliance helping them to use less energy, pay less for it, and generate it where possible, all while removing the burden of ESOS compliance.

These audits use a three-rule approach to maximise the benefits for customers:

Reduce – we show how to drive down energy consumption to reduce costs and the environmental impact of your organisation.

Produce – customers receive expert advice about creating a more sustainable energy mix and expert knowledge about generating and storing energy on site to reduce reliance on the grid.

Procure – we advise about how to unravel the complexity of purchasing energy and how to save money while ensuring your utility incentives are achieved.

But we can also help organisations go further and maximise their energy efficiency. Siemens has all the elements of the energy spectrum in one place, enabling customers to use ESOS as an opportunity to achieve energy efficiency excellence. This includes Siemens’ cloud-based energy and sustainability platform, Navigator, which delivers accurate energy efficiency and sustainability reporting detects energy usage inefficiencies.

And we can offer a clever way to finance the necessary upgrades. Tailored models can remove the need to devote own capital, bundling the cost of technology upgrades into a monthly fee across an agreed-upon contractual period. After the contract ends the owner continues to benefit from the new technology. The most attractive of these financial arrangements are achieved at low or zero net cost for the customer, so they can use their cash flow more for other things.

An advisory webinar: ESOS/EU EED Compliance! Get compliance and excellence with expertise from Siemens is scheduled for 3pm UK 02 October 2019 and will be hosted by Niko Kavakiotis, Head of the Building Performance & Sustainability UK and Maximilian Sanz Munoz, Lead Consultant Enterprise Sales Europe. Siemens will explain how to make the best out of this directive, setting the stage for cost savings, resilience and sustainability. Event registration can be found at:

Mark McLoughlin
Siemens Financing Partner – Siemens Financial Services