28 August 2019

How do you save $600,000?

A large tobacco company was about to spend an excess of $600K for an additional utility building compressor. The facility air system was failing to meet pressure requirements based on the overall demand of the existing system with 2,500 positioners. By explaining key benefits of the PS2 valve positioner (click here to see for the benefits for yourself) and running a few tests, we were able to give them the air (and dollar!) savings needed to skip the purchase of a new compressor. Could you be in the same position? Do you need more air? Let me tell you how a great valve positioner can give you air, and money…

Low bleed rate

The latest technology using a piezo ceramic valve block eliminates the need for a traditional I/P and spool valve, both of which bleed air. Are you hampered by excessive air loss with traditional positioners? Does the air supply need an additional compressor for capacity? Are you interested in attending a Cost of Air seminar that is designed to help you realize potential savings from this unique technology? Just ask and I will get you more information.

Advanced valve diagnostics, standard

As the final control element begins to wear and age, its performance diminishes. Does your process quality fall short of your goal? Are you having difficulty maintaining quality? Advanced valve diagnostics save in two ways. First, there are no up front costs for these diagnostics. Secondly, advanced diagnostics make you aware of valve issues, well before your process is affected.

Easy to install

There is no need for any device other than a technician to configure and calibrate the new digital positioners. Sometimes when maintenance is required, access to handheld devices or laptops may not be available. Does your maintenance team have difficulty in setting up devices? Do you need to reduce the cost of down-time? Consider the ease of use of the push button access to the positioner.

Versatile mounting

In a big process plant like a refinery, you use a large number of valves and actuators for various process applications. The ability to address linear and rotary valves can make the job of maintenance, installing, and troubleshooting control valve issues much simpler. Are you constantly dealing with various positioners? Do you wish you could easily standardize on and mount a single positioner for all your valves? A positioner company not associated with valves, (that’s us!) must make their positioner easily available to all applications. The availability of 200+ attachment kits provides you with this versatility.

Do you have any issues with air pressure? What other benefits have you found when working with positioners?

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