30 August 2019

How are you handling the growing pressures within the life sciences industry?

Regardless of how far we have come in the digitalization age, some things never change when it comes to production. There is a constant need for accurate measurement, cost pressures, adhering to safety regulations, reducing our carbon footprint, and still providing high-quality products.

Securing meaningful records is another primary challenge for production companies, especially within the life sciences industry. By implementing certain electronic systems within your process, your plant can calculate materials at a more consistent rate and produce more product. But, with all the new tools in the industry, what works best? What tools can enable your company to go from a small scale to a large scale, and maintain consistency?

Join me and my colleague, Austin Little, as we dive further into paperless manufacturing within the life sciences industry.

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We’re going to discuss the specific manufacturing challenges that are impacting the life sciences industry and how digitalization can address them, in addition to standardizing your process to reduce your time-to-market approach and costs.

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Paperless Manufacturing for the Life Sciences Industry
Wednesday, Sept. 4th at 2 p.m. ET
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