9 August 2019

Collaborate to innovate: Siemens Digital Industries meets Zollhof to shape the #FutureofAutomation!

We look back to an exciting event: two days, 400 participants, 200 hackers, 22 teams and five challenges – that was HackBay 2019! Digital innovators, technology enthusiasts, coders and entrepreneurs met on June 4th and 5th, 2019 at Z-Bau Nuremberg for the HackBay event to work together on the challenges of the future. Three teams collaborated on the challenge set by Siemens Digital Industries and developed prototypes and business cases for the future of automation in the industrial production environment.

Innovation through collaboration

HackBay is a hackathon organized by the tech incubator Zollhof, where five tech challenges from different companies were available for selection. Students from all over Germany could choose one of the following areas: Smart Workspace, Data Discovery or Augmented Logistics. All participants could decide for themselves which challenge they would like to work on. Under the motto “Shape the workspace in industrial production!” the Innovation Management team presented a challenge in the Smart Workspaces area on behalf of Siemens Digital Industries. Our clear goal was to rethink the future of manufacturing with the help of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, IoT and Co. And, as a result, make factory work more intuitive and engaging!

At our corporate corner the hackers and visitors could experience current Siemens solutions and create their own gadgets!

Let the HackBay begin!

At an early hour on June 4 enthusiastic hackers from all over Germany gathered at Z-Bau in Nuremberg. After the opening ceremony of Zollhof CEO Benjamin Bauer and the corporate pitches, they could decide directly on their preferred challenge. The decision was tough for the students because every single challenge was individual on its own, however all aimed at creating solutions for a digitalized future. For our Siemens challenge we were able to win three large teams with a total of 26 participants. One student from FAU Erlangen describes enthusiastically:

I chose the Siemens Digital Industries because I find it exciting and immensely important to work out digital solutions for industrial production that make people’s work easier, but at the same time don’t replace it.

The hackers worked concentrated within their teams.

So, every participant joined their team and the big hacking began! Of course, we did not leave the hackers alone. For questions and technical feedback, Siemens experts were continuously on hand. After working on the ideas day and night, they had to convince the other teams and mentors in the semi-final on the second day. Three teams – three ideas: The self-proclaimed teams “OX3D” and AR-Thena focused on the application of Augmented Reality in the industrial production environment. As the name might reveal, “OX3D” focused on early error detection in 3D printing. Thanks to AR, these errors can also be mapped virtually. “AR-Thena” created a use case around the topic of safety. The aim was to identify danger zones in the plant area and to obtain live data and maintenance information via Smart Glasses. The third team “SieMa” developed a voice interaction for a chatbot-based AI database that can be integrated directly into the machine park. SieMa made it to the next round with an impressive pitch and a convincing business model and was the final team of the Siemens Digital Industries “Smart Workspace” Challenge – Congratulations!

Finale = Pitch time!

On the evening of the second day it was about time – Pitch time! In their five-minute introductory rounds, one team per challenge had to convince the jury and the large audience of almost 400 people of their idea. In a tough Q & A session directly afterwards, the participants had to prove the feasibility of their idea to the jury. The technical implementation, the best business model and the overall best idea was judged. And the winner is… Team Galaxy! The first place went to the CodeCamper team with its use case for Smart Workspaces, a smart assistant for efficient room distribution in companies. Hats off and respect to all the teams for their courage and initiative to fight this battle. We were very impressed by the passion you could feel throughout the two days!

Congratulations to all our teams!

Long talk – short sense. Our HackBay Recap video describes the impressions of the two days perfectly. See for yourself:

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