24 July 2019

Munich for Future

Not only the kids call for climate justice – more than 10.000 people joined the first Sunday demonstration “Munich for Future”

“What do you want?”. “CLIMATE JUSTICE!” “When do you want it?” “NOW!”. The “Now” echos back from the surrounding buildings when more than 10.000 people do their bests to shout as loud as possible to express their concern that our world is about to collaps at our fault.

Time to act

Watch the CO2- clock ticking – the time is almost up. Experts believe, that in eight years time – if we go on like we do now – there will be so much CO2 in the atmosphere that we’ve already reached a global warming level of 1.5 degrees Celsius. Everything that goes beyond, is just scaring.

My personal Munich for Future takeaway: If you intend to get loads of compliments for your outfit, don’t care too much about your makeup …
Just wear a wind generator on your head

What kind of future people think of?

More than 10.000 demonstrators in Munich, thousands Friday for Future Kids every week and many more activists world wide demand a quick change towards a carbon free environment. However probably most of them hope for a future that still grants them roughly the same living standards as we have today with healthy and varied food, first class medicine, stable electricity, mobility and warm homes during winter times.

In short people expect a future that still is going to need a lot of energy.

Quite a way to go

Of course we know how to get carbon free energy out of wind, sun and other renewable sources. We know how to build batteries, hydrogen premeses and so on to store energy. There are electric cars, ships and planes, smart grids and model villages that are at least close to being carbon free.
So there have been many very valuable technical developments in the past years, but honestly there is still quite a way to go until we will be able to enjoy our new flexible, reliable, save , resilient and carbon free energy environment.

Politicians decide, scientists create

It will still takes a lot of scientists’ brainwork – phycists, chemists, energy and IoT-experts, specialists for artificial intelligence and many other – until energy transition is completed.

It is up to goverment and polititians to decide – but the scientist will have to create a new environment. I would be very proud if the company I’m working for took up a significant role to save our climate.

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