17 July 2019

Humans and AI in space? Interview with astronaut Ulrich Walter

Watch this interview I conducted with astronaut, Ulrich Walter, Professor at the Institute of Aeronautics, Munich, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on July 20st 2019.

Siemens delivered the software for the James Webb telescope which will be installed in space in 2021.

This year the moon landing celebrates its 50th anniversary.
I wondered why people want to explore space so urgently and how the James Webb Telescope helps us to fathom it?

That’s why I visited the astronaut Ulrich Walter in the newly founded “Space Valley” at the technical University near Munich.

There Prof. Walter lectures in, researches and develops satellite systems, specifically for robotic applications, systems engineering (system modeling and optimization), human space flight systems (life support systems and ISRU) and high-velocity impact physics (investigation of micrometeorite impacts).

Hear Ulrich Walter’s interesting and knowledgeable responses to my interview questions.

Discover in this video interview how the James Webb telescope helps to explore the universe and why he thinks that it could help the human species to survive – in a very very far future!

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