14 June 2019

Cheers to Beers!

UK National Beer Day June 15th 2019.

Did you know:-

There are only two drinks that are more widely consumed around the world apart from Beer, they are tea and – you guessed it – water.

82% of the beer consumed in Britain is also made in Britain

A couple celebrating cheering with two glasses of beer.

The UK’s average yearly consumption figure per person is 67 litres. (Please do not do this all at once)

Craft Beer is on the charge with over 2600 new trademarks registered in 2018.

The craft beer boom has led to a 20% surge in people registering trademarks for beers in the UK. A rising demand for limited edition and small batch beers means that breweries are launching far more products and the number of trademarks in the UK has been doubling since 2010 to over 2600 registrations.

Sounds great? But brewery success means investment in automated control systems, luckily Siemens has the answer for small and large production: The lean concept, a scalable solution that will assist craft brewers in their success.

When starting to build up a new craft brewery the investment is somehow a burden which first must be overcome. On the other side, being successful on long term means you have to be able to scale up your capacity and, at the same time, offer a stable beer quality to your customers. 

Stability in quality has several reasons: the water, the malt, the hops and for sure the yeast and its passionate and careful handling. But also, the equipment plays an often-underestimated role to keep the quality aspects on a high level. And out of this necessary equipment the automation system plays an important role. Yes, automation systems are normally a significant investment driven by greater sales, but how do you solve this challenge with a small budget?

Now the lean concept comes into the picture. What would it be like if you as a craft brewer or investor could use only the essential automation parts to smoothly start on the scale up journey with the knowledge that future growth aspirations can be accommodated seamlessly to secure business expansion.

The lean concept is here. Starting with the PC that survives the humid area and is running with a high reliability, we recommend industrial PC (IPC). The visualisation system that is already prepared to be used in the brewery that you don’t need to be a Software engineer. And the PCU (or PLC) with the access to the sensors and other devices in your process. In BRAUMAT Lean we followed exactly this guideline to ensure the best automation equipment for a low starting budget but also to easily enable later expansions. We are offering a so-called bundled automation package specifically for the Brewing sector, consisting of IPC and visualization. The visualization is already installed and preconfigured.

Also, part of the lean concept is the powerful graphical recipe control to be able to implement each recipe based brewing process and the replay mode for comparing your older batches with the recent batch processing. Looking to the entire lifecycle cost effective operations are being ensured with the full downward compatibility.

Starting with the most necessary units in the process like mashing, lautering or boiling and whirlpool. By using the flexible graphical recipe system you’re receiving the support to brew those beer types that are now selling best. Or you are first looking to automate the cold block area with the temperature control to steer the fermentation process. 

At the end it’s up to you how to start, but the message is please start step by step and keep an eye out for unexpected costs such as availability of documentation and technical support. Above all partner with a company that understands your business, control systems, and has the heritage and experience of applying solutions to the brewing industry. 
In case of questions please don’t hesitate to ask. #beer #craftbeer

All the best! Cheers!

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