28 May 2019

Shorter mass production times

Adaptive Control and Monitoring (ACM) is a quick win for manufacturers, even for Siemens itself. Adaptive feed control continuously adjusts the feed rate based on individual cutting conditions, resulting in cycle time reduction and tool protection.

Digitalization offers many options, including optimizing the core metal machining process. In conjunction with years of production know-how experience, the new ACM Siemens product in the digitalization portfolio “CNC Shopfloor Management Software” allows the machining process to be significantly optimized. ACM stands for Adaptive Control and Monitoring. The software captures data about the cutting operation in a machine tool, analyzes it and intervenes directly in the control loop of the control system to optimize the machining process.

Adaptive Control and Monitoring
Expert Sergej Schauermann supporting the machine user and configuring the application for the individual production scenario.

This significantly speeds up machining, and reduces the stress on the tool and the machine. The effect is the highest when carrying out milling work where a large quantity of material is removed. Tests in the Siemens electric motor plant in Bad Neustadt an der Saale indicated that machining times can be reduced by between five and eight percent. In another example, when machining hydraulic components, depending on the workpiece and machining method, time savings of 7 % and 25 % per tool were achieved.

ACM - Adaptive Control and Monitoring
Screenshot of the machine tool controller HMI showing the adaptive feed control mode of ACM.

The new system does not change machining methods and approach paths. During machining, the software reads in the tool information data from the NC program. Using actual tool cutting data and continually monitoring the spindle load, the system can identify overload situations and then respond by appropriately reducing the velocity. On the other hand, ACM speeds-up machining at locations that have been programmed too conservatively, and can be machined more quickly without damaging the tool or workpiece. Further, the software identifies pending collisions and immediately stops the feed. This prevents more significant damage to the machine.

Siemens offers a holistic portfolio of integrated digitalization solutions for machine tool builders and users. ACM is part of the Siemens CNC-Shopfloor Management Software portfolio.

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