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Get the best out of ESOS. Will you choose basic or brilliant? Compliant or comprehensive? Practical or pioneering?

There is a date looming large in the calendar for many UK enterprises.
That date is 5 December 2019: the deadline for the second compliance period of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) phase 2.

  1. How do you know if your organisation is within the scope of ESOS? Well, if by 31st December 2019 it achieved any of the following criteria:

    • It had 250 or more full-time employees


    • It had an annual turnover in excess of 50 million euro AND
    • An annual balance sheet in excess of 43 million euro

    then it is duty bound to either execute an energy audit every four years OR implement a certified Energy Management System. If one of these is your organisation, then the time to act is now!

    Sounds scary and complicated? It needn’t be.

    What’s it all about?

    A quick refresher: ESOS is the UK interpretation of the EU-Energy Efficiency Directive (EU-EED) – a directive that mandates energy efficiency improvements within the European Union with the overarching goal of promoting energy efficiency across all industries and their buildings, transport and industrial activities. Catchy!

    In its simplest terms it incentivises companies to do the right thing!

    Sure, organisations that meet the ESOS criteria can do the minimum by merely working with a partner to conduct and submit an energy audit. But, surely there is an exciting opportunity here as well? What about going beyond compliance? What about implementing true energy efficiency and seeing real cost savings? What about installing an Energy Management System that will turn energy management and optimisation into a constant process rather than a one off every four years?

    First things first: the audit.

    Siemens has been successfully implementing energy efficiency projects for 20 years and, to date, we support 900 enterprises – Europe-wide – on EU-EED and ESOS compliance. That’s solid, proven experience and expertise. That’s a guarantee we will remove the burden of ESOS compliance. That’s us taking away the scary and complicated!

    But there’s a value-add to our audits. It’s our holistic approach – the R (reduce), P (produce), P (procure) three-pillared approach to auditing. We want to see our customers using less energy, paying less for it, and generating it where possible. So, the benefits to a Siemens’ audit are clear:

    Reduce – we show how to drive down energy consumption to reduce costs and the environmental impact of your organisation.

    Produce – you receive expert advice about creating a more sustainable energy mix and expert knowledge about generating and storing energy on site to reduce reliance on the grid.

    Procure – we advise about how to unravel the complexity of purchasing energy and how to save money while ensuring your utility incentives are achieved.

    If compliance is your choice, make sure it comes with a value add.

  2. Compliance or excellence? Your decision.

    An Energy Management System for the future. That’s the second option under ESOS requirements and where Siemens can help you excel. Here’s how.

    Let’s take a Lego set as an example. You have your basic model with its basic features which is, basically, fine. Then you have your state-of-the-art, multi-piece, design which, once assembled, has all the impressive working parts in the right places doing the right things. This is Siemens’ EMS. We’re the multi-piece solution for true energy optimisation. With EMS we refer to both platforms as well as processes: for example, the ISO50001 standard supported by Siemens relates to the implementation of processes on a management level and includes the development and publishing of an energy policy, and staff training staff.

    Siemens Smart Infrastructure has all the elements of the energy spectrum within one company. We offer a complete set of technology and solutions that sees our customers optimised once and for all – saving money and becoming carbon neutral.

    Still not convinced? Here’s a great example of where Siemens’ energy projects are creating the future, today…

    Lighting the way to building brilliance.

    Enlighted – a Siemens business – has designed the most advanced sensors ever imagined to provide data-rich information about room occupancy, temperature and lighting. By retrofitting existing lighting with super-smart sensors, users can see from the system dashboard where people are, what rooms are occupied and even what areas of the rooms are being used. Quite simply, they offer information on space utilisation.

    With that data, further energy savings can be achieved. In the past, lighting in an unoccupied room could be turned off because the system knew there was nobody in it. Now, unused or partially used spaces can be lit appropriately allowing a part of the room to have the full lux level, and the unoccupied parts to be dimmed down. The movement of people (anonymously) and other assets (such as wheelchairs) can be tracked, and that data can then inform the question: “Is the space being used appropriately and for the right activity? And if not, how can I best optimise its use?”

    This kind of advanced technology doesn’t guess. It knows where energy consumption can be reduced, which space should be used differently for the right activities, where cost savings can be made, and how commercial buildings can be brought into the age of the internet of things.

    Navigating ESOS with Navigator®

    Not everyone can offer an ESOS-compliant total Energy Management System. Siemens can.  Leveraging a hi-tech Energy Management System that couples methodology with a cloud-based software platform to allow users to stay on top of your building’s energy consumption – constantly.

    It’s smart and it’s connected! There are currently more than 70,000 buildings connected to Navigator and it collects 400 million data values every day from them. It takes that data and it turns it into results for an entire building portfolio.

    Navigator’s state-of-the-art predictive maintenance software detects inefficiencies at the most detailed level to the point where it can tell you if something is going to break before it breaks, not simply tell you where it is once it’s broken!

    EVERYTHING that uses energy within an enterprise can be connected to Navigator. If you want:

    • Cloud-based transparency and decision making
    • Advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics (automation in detection of energy waste and other inefficiencies)
    • Accurate energy efficiency and sustainability reporting

    It makes perfect sense to future-proof your business with Navigator®, don’t you think?

    So, why settle for compliance when you could have excellence?

    Back to ESOS.

    Siemens Smart Infrastructure can keep you compliant with a value-add energy audit. No question. Twenty years’ experience and 900 organisations are proof of that. If compliance is your choice then that’s ok, we can take the burden from you.

    But if you want the future to be brilliant not basic, if you want advanced analytics, predictive maintenance, cost reduction, reduced energy consumption, a low-carbon business, then the only choice is Siemens Smart Infrastructure + Navigator + Siemens advanced technologies.

    To find out more visit: or register for my free webinar for expert advice and support