28 March 2019

Who do you turn to when you don’t have engineering or solutions support in-house?

What do you need the most from your engineered solutions provider?

When you need an engineered solution for your project, what are the most important factors you consider? Are you looking for a company geared only towards your in-house products, or do you want a team that can offer guidance on an array of products? How about lead time, do you need to quickly address a problem to prevent downtime, or are you trying to upgrade your system so it operates smoother for longer? And don’t forget about service; do you need a customized service contract, or do you just want to choose a standard package?

Whatever problem you’re trying to solve, these are the crucial questions when choosing your external engineered solution provider. In process industries, time is money. Literally. Every minute that your process is down or operating inefficiently, you’re losing money. That’s why you need to choose an engineering team with a deep knowledge base about the products your system needs to operate effectively, from instrumentation to controls, communications, and even cloud-based data monitoring. You need a solutions provider that’s agile enough to address immediate issues and robust enough to develop a system that will remain technologically relevant long into the future. And you definitely need a provider with a large service base so you can get questions answered and issues fixed quicker.

How can you ensure the most competent engineers in the field will be working with you?

You’ve decided you need a solution provider that specializes in the products needed for your project. You’ve identified the service and support requirements for your project. You want a provider with in-depth knowledge of process industries, and you’ve eliminated companies that aren’t up to your standards. So how do you make sure that your solutions experts are actually experts? How can you ensure that their engineers have extensive experience with similar applications and can supply the high-quality products you need?

Investing the time necessary to research and identify a high-quality solutions provider is costly.

So, what’s the best way to save time and money while still finding the most qualified provider?

It’s easy. You go directly to the source.

If your project includes process instrumentation products, then the company that you initially purchased the instrumentation from is the first place you should look. These companies may have a department that engineers solutions for their products, or they may be able to recommend a reliable third-party to advise you.

Siemens has such a department. The Engineered Instrument Solutions (EIS) team provides custom solutions for process instrumentation. With a wealth of expertise, along with an extensive portfolio of products in process instrumentation, our hand-picked engineers design effective and integrated solutions for your unique challenges. And the broad Siemens portfolio across divisions means you also have access to experts in controls, communications, automation, data collection, and more, all without having to reach out to third-party providers!

Siemens engineering solutions team offers experience and insight into the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical
  • Food and Beverage
  • MAC (mining, aggregate and cement)
  • Water technology
  • Power Generation

What challenges do you experience when looking for outside solutions assistance?

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