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How clean is your air

Along with death and taxes, it feels like we are creating a new certainty… Population Growth!

A crucial impact of that growth is the associated increase in electricity use… in the UK alone, where electricity availability is already ubiquitous, estimates predict a growth in electricity consumption of 100% by 2050.

Another interesting statistic is that in the UK, up to 50% of the price of consumers electricity bill is the cost of getting electricity from where its generated, to where its used.

The recent government target of 30% of our electricity generation to be created by wind power in 2030 is welcome… but is it enough?

I recently had the experience of a lifetime… an opportunity to ride a motorcycle up the famous hill climb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (and i can’t tell you how jealous my older brother was!). But this wasn’t any ordinary motorbike. It was a bike built by the legendary Orange County Choppers more than 10 years ago… a bespoke eChopper made for Siemens….

Now maybe that alone would have been cool enough. But we took it one step further, and used Hydrogen, made from the power of a wind turbine, to create the electricity locally on the Goodwood estate, to charge the eChopper (along with some other fabulous electric supercars) and power it up the hill:

Local Energy Systems offer a real solution to some of the challenges… Generate green electricity, generate it locally… and generate it cost effectively. Our DES energy solutions team have the expertise & experience to deliver Local Energy Systems for Industry, Commercial, and Campus applications.

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