5 March 2019

Delivering a Gender Diversity Strategy that helps us close the Gap

“Our strategy will have a positive impact on closing the Gender Pay Gap”

Siemens is a successful, established, technology company with a great brand – a household name – and already an employer of choice. The company has its roots in innovation and engineering and been operating in the UK for more than 170 years. This is however traditionally a very male-dominated industry and Siemens is not alone in finding improvement in gender balance painfully slow but we are working on it. Today, Siemens employs 15,000 people in the UK, of which 79 per cent are men.

Looking ahead the company is transforming its business in the digital age to take advantage of the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. This is a massive opportunity and promises a new way of working with digital technology, automation and Artificial Intelligence at the heart of everything we do.  However, just as these seismic technology and cultural shifts are helping leaders see how important an inclusive workforce is for success, achieving greater diversity and inclusion requires long-term strategies and  determination.

Reporting our Gender Pay Gap data, which started in the UK in 2017, was an important step on the road to improving gender diversity. It’s hard to understand, analyse and make change happen if you are not measuring the impact of what you do. Our consolidated UK gender pay gap in 2018 was 19.79 per cent, a slight increase from the year before. We know from analysing our data that we need new ways of attracting and retaining the diverse workforce and business leaders of tomorrow. It is imperative that we address the under-representation of women at all levels in our organisation, continue to invest in our people and improve how we attract and retain women. We believe that our gender diversity strategy will have a positive impact on closing the gender pay gap.

Our strategy builds on the progress made during 2018 in attracting and retaining talented women at all levels in our business, including:

  • 36 women completing the Women into Leadership Programme
  • Providing a wide-range of flexible working opportunities
  • 632 apprentices of whom 23 percent are women
  • 195 graduate trainees of whom 25 per cent are women
  • ‘Ownership Culture’, which encourages everyone at Siemens to act as owners of the company and share in its success, has strengthened the connection of our approach to diversity and inclusion to our business strategy.

Our priorities for the future:

Having analysed the effectiveness of our 2018 approach to empower and advance women in Siemens, our priorities for 2019-2022 focuses four areas:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Women into Leadership
  • Flexible Working
  • Culture – Making A Difference

I am proud to work for a company that has shown determined leadership on Diversity and Inclusion and is ambitious to eliminate its Gender Pay Gap.

To see our 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report visit:

To find out more about our Diversity and Inclusion strategy visit: https://new.siemens.com/global/en/company/sustainability/diversity.html

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