18 December 2018

A different approach to thermal energy calculation

Traditionally, Siemens has approached thermal energy calculation by providing you with a clamp-on flow meter that has thermal energy calculation capabilities. Siemens recently introduced the SITRANS FEC 920 thermal energy calculator.

As was the case with our previous product, this new offering will allow you to monitor hot or chilled water system efficiencies by calculating BTUs using a flow measurement input as well as dual temperature input. However, instead of being limited to an ultrasonic flow meter input and RTD temperature inputs, you can now select flow input from virtually any flow transmitter and temperature inputs from RTD or thermocouple temperature transmitters.

You’re not just limited to working with one manufacturer either! Any flow meter and any temperature transmitter can be used in conjunction with the FEC 920 thermal energy calculator.

Siemens is still offering single or dual loop configurations, AC or DC powered, and we provide local display capability as well as analog output and digital communication.

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SITRANS FEC920 Thermal Energy Meter

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