30 November 2018

Markus Weinlaender – Siemens and Aruba: Best Bang for the Buck

Siemens and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, have announced a strategic collaboration in the field of communication networks. I took the chance to talk with Lars Hartmann, sales director Germany of Aruba, on the goals and benefits of this alliance.

Lars, please tell me, what is this collaboration between Siemens and Aruba about?

Lars Hartmann: The market is ready for bringing Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) together, and Siemens is a clearly leading technology provider in the OT segment. Aruba, on the other hand side, is one of the biggest networking companies in IT. So, with our cooperation, we are bringing our complementary portfolios, i.e. products and solutions which have been tested together, to our customers, allowing them to integrate their data centers and corporate networks with the things on the manufacturing line.

The cooperation between Siemens and Aruba is an important step to complement our industrial networks offering. Customers will benefit from futureproof, integrated communication networks ensuring availability and security.

Klaus Helmrich, Member of Management Board, Siemens

Why is this important?

Lars Hartmann: It is important, first of all, to make sure that the solution is running with the expected availability, since manufacturing cannot stop. A modern IoT architecture simply requires an integrated communication architecture. And it is important for our jointly channel partners as well. They can now implement complete solutions.

Siemens and Aruba are developing proven network blue prints.

And what is in for the customer?

Lars Hartmann: Our customers get now best-of-breed solutions from two market-leading companies which are tested and bringing together these two worlds of OT and IT. Users can be assured that what they get rock-solid designs and products, simply the best networking solution, the best bang for the buck!

Further read: https://sie.ag/2Q0oOe2

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