17 October 2018

Siemens named “Company of the Year” by Frost & Sullivan

The “Best Practices Awards” held regularly by the internationally active business consultancy and analyst company Frost & Sullivan are focused on entrepreneurial achievement. Among this year’s “Company of the Year” winners is the Siemens business segment “Industrial Communication & Identficiation” in the category “Identification and Localization.” I was honored to join the award ceremony at London.

Suited and booted for the occasion: Johannes Waldhoer, Eckard Eberle, Andreas Werner, myself and Sven Sieber at the Gala Dinner in London (left to right).

The awards presented by Frost & Sullivan are intended to draw attention to companies which deserve special recognition for “Best Practices” in terms of their growth strategy, innovation or leadership. The best-in-class “Company of the Year” category was presented to Siemens in recognition of its outstanding and consistent portfolio development in the field of industrial identification and localization, which has been expanded significantly in recent months by the acquisition of Agilion GmbH, Chemnitz. In paying tribute to the winners, the judges praised the unique portfolio offered by Siemens to create the infrastructure needed for the digital enterprise, hand in hand with communication technologies such as Industrial Ethernet or Industrial WLAN. Particular mention was made of the technological breadth of the offered solutions and the end-to-end integration of systems whose position is unique as the result of consistent development over many years: an achievement which has made Siemens a shining example and an inspiration to the entire industry.

Industrial communication is anchored firmly in the Siemens DNA

Eckard Eberle, CEO Process Automation

Eckard Eberle, CEO of the Business Unit Process Automation, was keen not to miss the opportunity of receiving the prize in person at a celebratory gala dinner in London. In his acceptance speech in front of around 100 innovators and managers, he stressed the role of Siemens as an outstanding partner when it comes to enabling the digital transformation in production and logistics. “With our unique portfolio, we are ideally prepared to take our customers towards digitalization,” said Eberle. Communication technologies in particular, he continued, had always represented a decisive component of countless Siemens innovations down the years, from the pointer telegraph all the way to today’s Internet of Things architectures. “This heritage anchors industrial communication firmly into company’s DNA,” said the CEO. His gratitude was directed not only at Frost & Sullivan, but first and foremost at the company’s own workforce. “It’s the hard work performed by each and every individual that drives our company forward to the benefit of our customers – from management down to the specialist functions.”

Without communication, there can be no digitalization

Communication and identification form the vital foundation for digitalization in production and logistics.

Communication and identification form the vital foundation for digitalization in production and logistics – and Siemens supplies all the required technologies, systems and components. Whether industrial networks, switches and routers for maximum availability and performance, whether WLAN for connecting mobile assets such as robots or automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), whether RFID to control ultra-flexible production or RTLS for linking all mobile assets permanently and seamlessly to their digital twin: Products and services from Siemens form the communication infrastructure for the production concepts of the future. This makes the “Industrial Communication & Identification” offering an integral component of the Siemens digitalization portfolio.


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