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Process Automation

Are you having issues with your ultrasonic level transmitter but can’t decide the best route to solving your problem? Whether it concerns the installation, maintenance, or reporting process, why not speak to an expert and find out what your options are?

My colleagues and I have discussed this subject in great depth over the years, and after attending WEFTEC year after year and working in the field on numerous applications, we’ve developed a list of five reasons why ultrasonic level transmitters need to be upgraded.

Save yourself some time!

Recent technological advancements in level ultrasonics allow for easy installation and configuration, reducing set-up time and give you more time to handle other pressing issues.

Save yourself a headache!

The government requirements for reporting in the water/wastewater industry aren’t anything new. The need to capture data as accurately as possible is a must, and the government continues to enforce regulations on accurate and transparent reporting. Digital Processors, like the one in Siemens LUT400, improves reliability and performance in demanding applications. Your mind will be at ease knowing you have reported the most reliable data, as required.

Save on training costs!

Ultrasonic level transmitters with multi-function controllers provide a standard level system for most applications. That means that there’s one system to learn instead of multiple systems – this can turn general users into experts! You can even get devices with menu driven text-based displays with quick start wizards, which will virtually eliminate the need for training all together.

Save on convenience!

New features in ultrasonic level devices allow for on-board diagnostics, which make troubleshooting easier. Think back to when troubleshooting on ultrasonic level systems was done with an oscilloscope. It was time-consuming and complicated, right? To fix this, we improved the system by introducing third-party communications devices followed by laptops and networks to diagnose problems. Now, you have devices where the diagnostics are already built-in. It’s kind of like the evolution of the telephone – from the good ol’ days of party lines to Siri!

Save….that for WEFTEC!

If you want to find out the fifth reason for upgrading your ultrasonic level transmitter, you will just have to ask the Siemens team yourself. Come see us in Siemens’ booth (#3629). We look forward to speaking with you about your ultrasonic level applications.

WEFTEC will be here before you know it. so make sure you mark it on your calendar! This year, it’s being held at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA, from September 29 – October 3. We hope to see you there!