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Process Automation

Have you ever wondered how to quantify something you can’t see? How about equating that something to dollars? What if that “something” was plant air and your valve positioner was consuming a lot of it? How do you quantify that, and is it even worth your time?

In short, yes, it IS worth it! A few years back, one of our colleagues showed us how getting a handle on the cost of air saved one customer $600,000. You can read it here.

How do I know my cost of air?

It’s now easier to determine with the Siemens Cost-of-Air Calculator. In a few steps, our Cost-of-Air Calculator will help you identify how much money you can be saving in plant air.

Our calculator takes an involved equation and simplifies it for you:

Once our mathematician completes the calculation, you’ll have your valve positioner’s air cost per year.

How does it all break down? What’s the magic behind the equation? What’s it really measuring?

As the SIPART PS2 uses a piezo-ceramic valve block to deliver air to pneumatic actuators, its “bleed rate” is only 0.02 SCFM. When you compare it to a positioner with a bleed rate of 0.8 SCFM, annual savings in energy costs are approximately $246 per year, per positioner. The actual amount depends on your electrical energy cost and the number of hours operating per year.

Want to know the calculation? Post a comment, and I’ll gladly share it with you!

The following link will take you directly to the cost of air calculator: