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Process Automation

Siemens’ Coriolis flow meter has a vast number of benefits and can be a highly advantageous solution to many flow measurement applications. The SITRANS FC410 flow meter is the lightest and most compact Coriolis system worldwide. With the FC410, you can reduce skid size, fit multiple units into the tightest areas and simplify installation into both new and existing applications. Sounds great, right? Well, it is…however, that is not to say that Coriolis flow meters are without flaws.

While every technology has certain challenges, process noise and dual-phase flow are at the top of the list for Coriolis.

Coriolis meters hate process noise. No matter if that noise is from a pump, a variable drive or just footsteps on a cat walk, noise can easily upset the precise measurement of a Coriolis sensor. Since the Coriolis sensor is carefully monitoring and measuring micro-variations in the flow tubes’ motion, the smallest of external vibration can be picked up and sampled, and thus can introduce an error in flow measurement.

The challenge for the Coriolis sensor is to maintain a high degree of sensitivity while at the same time metering in a sampling of protection from noise.

How do you address this?

The solution is a vast array of filters that can modify the digital signal or the analog outputs to present the desired nature of I/O. Typically, filters are used to slow or average the output signals to stabilize them. In more advanced states, the filters monitor a vast array of data produced in the modern Coriolis sensors and then use adaptive algorithms to learn and contour the output as required.

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