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Process Automation

Siemens has developed an innovative approach to temperature measurement using the speed and flexibility of fiber optic technology. The SITRANS TO500 , enables complex temperature measurements and can detect the precise position of critical temperatures, e.g. temperature measurement in tube and tube-bundle reactors at the speed of light.

Designed to enhance the service life of plant equipment and improve product quality, the SITRANS TO500 is characterized by a large number of measuring points (up to 48 per measuring lance) and the small diameter of the sensor measuring lance. This allows plants to use a smaller protective tube in the reactor, which makes measurements more accurate. The precise determination of the temperature profile helps plants to detect critical operating points and initiate countermeasures accordingly.

The SITRANS TO500 is the first temperature measurement device that uses fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) for its measurements. The SITRANS TO500 can evaluate 48 FBGs in each of its four channels (totaling 192 measuring points), exactly measuring the temperature changes in the smallest of spaces.

The SITRANS TO500 is also the first device to enable FBG-based measurements in industrial environments (e.g. under harsh plant conditions and at high temperatures), making this instrument ideal for harsh and volatile conditions.

For more information on the SITRANS TO500, please click here .