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Process Automation

Flow measurement is more critical in more areas of a plant than ever before. Do you have places in your process where you now wish you had included a process flow measurement? Are there problems in those locations where making a quality measurement is difficult? Things like process lines you can’t shut down, pipes you can’t cut into, specially lined pipe or exotic pipe materials because of the nature of the process, non-ideal pipe runs, high pressure process lines or difficult process mediums?

These issues and more can make the addition of a flow measurement point seem impossible. But is it really?

Did you ever consider or think that you could just clamp a device to a pipe and measure flow and measure it accurately? What are you currently using for flow measurement and meter verification in your plant?

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow can help with many of the adverse conditions listed above and the new Siemens SITRANS FS230 digital platform clamp on ultrasonic flow meter can expand on the traditional versatility of clamp-on technology. Now you can measure flow where…

Just when you thought there wasn’t a measurement solution for the areas in your plant that may not have been designed around flow instrumentation, you can now take advantage of the fact that Siemens has engineered solutions to alleviate these problems.

To learn more about the SITRANS FS230, please click here.