21 May 2018

How do you optimize your process with smart device and process control integration?

As we’re gearing up for the Siemens Automation Summit, which is running June 25-28, 2018, in Marco Island, Fla., there will be a ton of sessions opening the conference concerning digitalization, smart manufacturing, cyber security and modernizing processes.

So how do you modernize your process and make your system more efficient?

There are several benefits of integrating smart instrumentation devices into your control solution. “Smart instrumentation” is process instrumentation that has more advanced device and process diagnostics and can compute more data than previous versions. Simply put, smart instrumentation enables your plant to run more efficiently.

In order to access this data and maximize your benefits as quickly and easily as possible, Siemens has created the “SITRANS Library.” The SITRANS Library is a tool that comes with pre-engineered function blocks and faceplates designed specifically for Siemens instruments including flow, level, pressure and temperature. Using SIMATIC PCS7? Not a problem! The design is consistent with any existing libraries for PCS7, which makes it easy to feel right at home.

Using the library basically allows you to create process diagrams in your PCS7 process control system a lot faster than with the “Advanced Process Library.” The SITRANS Library also provides several advanced product-specific features that are embedded right into the faceplate.

For example, the SITRANS Library gives direct access to the dosing functions of the SITRANS F M MAG 6000 electromagnetic flow transmitter. This means that you have direct control of the valves or pumps through the integrated dosing function as well as access to (and control of) all the measurement data through one faceplate. In regards to a SIPART PS2 valve positioner, you’re able to get direct access to all of the relevant diagnostics data, such as set-point, feedback, alarm modules and more.

One of the best kept secrets about the SITRANS Library, however, is that it is integrated directly into PCS7. What’s not to like about a library that makes an operator more efficient and covers all of the products typically used in a processing plant?

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