18 May 2018

How can you maximize the value of your oil flow?

As the price of oil has been so tumultuous the past few years, it’s important to maximize the value of your oil flow and ensure that you’re only paying for oil and not entrained gas. The costs associated with entrained gas can range from a nuisance to seriously costly! Easier said than done though, right?

It may be easier than you think! One easy way to maximize the value of your oil flow is to figure out a way to remove all the excess gas out of your flow stream. In the normal course of oil production, there will always be the possibility of entrained gas in the liquid flow streams. Entrained gas in a liquid adds volume to the flow stream and since the value of the liquid is determined on that volume, any content of gas can often cause significant issues in the volume flow measurement accuracy.

While there are alternative solutions like flow meters, these do not remove the unwanted entrained gases from the process. One solution that has recently emerged is two-phase flow gas void fraction eliminators (GVFE).

Although the GVFE does not measure flow, it does eliminate unwanted gas volume, ensuring that you are only measuring and billing for the liquid.

The GVFE system can be integrated into an existing pipeline, and once set-up and activated will remove unwanted gas volume to ensure that you are only measuring, paying or billing for just liquid. The GVFE removes and diverts the gas under full-flow conditions. The GVFE is able to remove gas void fractions from 0-100% at full-flow without reducing product velocity or requiring large holding tanks.

For more information on Two-Phase Flow Gas Void Fraction Eliminators, please click here.

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