25 May 2018

How can you cut your industrial water bill?

Have you ever looked at your water bill and noticed that it was exceedingly high, without any indication as to why? Alarm usually sets in but then you focus and ask yourself, “What steps can I take to fix this?” You can call the water company to see if there’s a discrepancy on your account, but what if there’s not? The only other possible conclusion is that there could be a leak in your operation’s setup. Now that you’ve been able to identify what it could be, you just need to locate it, but how to do so…

If you don’t already own a flow meter, then you’d hardly want to spend thousands of dollars buying a new one just for this particular case, which is why a rental program is a great option.

With Siemens’ rental program, you can rent Clamp-On ultrasonic flow meters on a weekly or monthly basis. Clamp-On flow meters provide highly accurate measurement without the need to cut the pipe or stop flow. Using this program allows you to install the product for a week and, with a consultant’s assistance, measure the lines of flow in order to identify where the leak may be.

In one case I managed, a company found that one entire valve was opened and directly pouring water into the ocean. Once identified, the valve was shut off and the company was able to take 25% off of their bill!

Siemens’ rental program offers a variety of products that are priced to fit to the smallest budgets. The program is ideal for providing the equipment’s capabilities, qualifying your applications, answering immediate needs for flow control and/or monitoring, and organizing data for annual reports.

Does your water bill seem unusually high? What steps have you taken to reduce your water usage?

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