21 May 2018

How can flow meters assist in the manufacturing industry?

As manufacturing procedures can sometimes delay production with, waste materials handling and process change over or recipe adjustment, more plants have begun to automate their procedures than we have seen before.

From level instrumentation and pressure gauges to weighfeeders and belt scales, you can find a a significant amount of instrumentation in manufacturing facilities. One group of instruments recently making their way into the manufacturing world are high accuracy flow meters.

While you may think of flow meters as measuring the flow of liquid and/or gas in oil and gas industries, food and beverage plants, and water and wastewater facilities, flow meters – in particular mass flow meters – are making their way into the production facilities of manufacturing plants.

Lano Carpets, a carpet manufacturing company in Belgium, recognized the need to automate their color batch process after production delays and significant waste impacted their overall performance and profit margin. To avoid time loss and product waste, Lano decided to switch from traditional batch manufacturing to a continuous process based on an inline mixer that injects coloring agents into a collector containing a premix.

Using Siemens Coriolis flow meters , the coloring agents required to manufacture a specific color or shade are injected into the inline mixer in proportions that must stringently adhere to the set points. Now when the machine changes from one product to another the new set-up shows just how effective it is.

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