15 May 2018

Experience You Can Trust

We’re living in a time where you can find information at the drop of a hat. A world where start-up companies pop up weekly, reviews are posted instantaneously and you can purchase almost anything online.

How do you know which companies are reliable?

Whenever looking for process automation, you want to make sure you do your due diligence.

Questions like this help you to determine whether this company is a good fit for your plant.

As a leader in automation since 1956, Siemens has taken the top spot as Forbes’ Top Regarded Companies in 2017. This list has been evaluated based on trustworthiness/honesty, social conduct, the company as an employer, and the performance of the company’s product or service. Click to read the full article.

What makes Siemens a trusted employer, distributor and reliable source of process automation?

When an employee celebrates his or her 40th anniversary, that’s impressive. But if two colleagues in the same year have forty years of company affiliation, then that is an almost unbelievable coincidence – even if they have worked together over all these years. Siemens has a history of retaining their employees for 25, 40 and even 50 years, and recently, our own Process Analytical Products & Solutions Deborah Boatman (Communications) and Ulrich Gokeler (Business Development) have marked their 40th anniversaries.

While Debbie and Ulrich have changed locations and have held multiple positions over the years, they believe that Siemens had been able to give them a lot of great job opportunities that broadened their horizons and expanded their experience in Siemens, the markets they worked in, and tools they developed over the years.

Siemens has made an impact in many employees’ lives and their brilliant teams have enabled products and technology to make a greater impact in processing plants, manufacturing facilities, municipalities, etc.

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Are you already using Siemens’ products? What experiences have you had?

Are you already using Siemens’ products? What experiences have you had?

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